CleanCharge is the cross-point between utility and automotive for electric vehicles

We represent todays new intelligent and open access EV chargers, energy storage technologies and micro-grid solutions   

For our charging offerings, we combine simple solutions with digital access models for charging without the need for a card or user subscriptions. Furthermore, we offer reasonable business models primarily to B2B and B2G, where pricing is up to our individual customers, who offer charging.

With the new fast and intelligent chargers and charging technology, we offer you future-proof EV chargers and coherent energy solutions within:

  • Energy storage on batteries
  • Capacity-controlled charging
  • Solar cell production
  • Building energy management integration


Do you need independent simple solutions or advanced functional solutions?  

Contact us, regardless of whether you are looking for independent simple solutions or the more advanced functional solutions such as:

  • Direct payment at the charger
  • Roaming connections with the rest of Europe and neighboring countries
  • Quick charge DC charging solutions either 20-, 50-, 150- or 350kW DC.

We especially offer attractive charging solutions where charging primarily takes place as a price-flexible service offer for existing businesses or on public roads.

Our customers typically offer the charging services as a complementary service to their existing business(es) or business premises. We deliver a suggested business case and different scenarios for offering and pricing the charging services for end users. The charging services can also be available for public use and optimize the investment further, if wanted and if possible.

In the Public Room, we meet individual needs with the option of own color combinations, own logo and branding.

Cross-border access to Europe’s largest network of chargers   

CleanCharge also offers customers in the Nordic region on the B2B market access to Europe’s largest network of 4000+ publicly available chargers across national borders. It gives everyone an opportunity for easy, fast and secure charging throughout Europe, where CleanCharge currently cooperates with Innogy, just as we connect to hundreds of chargers of other charging operators.

Use CleanCharge chargers on your own local charging terms

You will find CleanCharge on the Hubject Roaming platform in Europe as the only Danish charging operator offering electric car drivers from our neighboring countries the opportunity to use CleanCharge chargers as well as our customers chargers if they want it, on their own local conditions.

Contact us for individual information and advice

Please contact us for information and advice so that we can find the optimal solution in relation to your specific needs for:

  • Electric vehicles, fleets and individual cars
  • Charging systems
  • Battery storage
  • Solar panel installations

as well as the possibility of combining these.

If your are working with research and planning towards:   

  • e-Mobility
  • Charging technology
  • Fleet management


We are always available for an informative meeting providing you with the latest knowledge within:  

  • New European High Powered Charging Technologies
  • Networking within the industry and across industry sectors
  • Technical standards and business models in the market

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